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To check out what games and TV/movies/events that he has worked on that you may have actually played or seen, please check out the Success page.

Joseph can bring his multi-faceted voice talent to your multimedia projects such as video games, commercials, trailers, cartoons, anime, narrations, announcements and more. Stop by and Listen for demos, and to contact Joseph for audition or other gig information. You can listen to his music and listen to the radio ads he was in recently!

If you would like to see & play games that Joseph has been designing and developing in his spare time over the years, go to the Portfolio page.

If you would like to learn about how video games are made and find out how to work in the industry, see the Learn page. There are links for a variety of creative tools for you.

Whatever Joseph feels like writing, talking, or drawing about, will be shown on the Perspective pages.


Stop by the Portfolio page to see the latest app Joseph released for free in Dec 2014. Video, screenshot, and download link available!

To see what Hatcher Technomantics is doing creatively, check out:

Youtube - www.hatcher.be - Facebook - Twitter

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